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Welcome to AVPRO's new home on the internet. Check out our "Yesterday's Radio Logs" in the menu above, We have it stocked with some of Old Time Radios greatest shows!   We are continuing to add the latest and newests discoveries to our logs.  Have a question, or comment, just click on "Contact" in the above menu.

Cassettes became the basis for collecting OTR following the demise of reel to reel decks.   Cassettes were not considered a good medium for preservation due to the slow speed and very thin tape used.  C-60 cassettes had  30 minutes of recorded material in one direction and 30 minutes in the other direction.  The actual recordable area was very small.  AVPRO followed the market place and began offering recorded material on cassette.  But the cassette, like reel to reel tape before it, is fading away.

CD discs began to appear a decade ago thanks to the development of the Laser Disc that contained video material on  10 and 12 inch discs.  The Audio CD came about as a result of isolating the movie sound tracks on a 5 inch diameter CD.  AVPRO now offers its Old Time Radio on CD.  This change in the market place is due partly to the  development of computer technology, a recordable CD, and CD players being available in the home and automobile.

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